It is impossible to imagine a world without plants: they create the ceilings, walls and floors of outdoor spaces. – Hillary Thomas

Swimming pool with water slide

Swimming Pool and Water Slide

With the addition of a swimming pool to a large country garden the clients wanted us to create a sheltered, secluded and private area to be enjoyed in the summer but hidden away in the winter. By fencing the area and using a back drop of existing Cupressus x leyandii trees we enclosed the swimming pool creating a hidden, private, sheltered area, then paved the pool surround with Egyptian Sandstone and created broad borders filled with exotic planting.

Sun terrace and pool house

Sun Terrace, Changing Rooms and Pool House

A decked area is added to the side of the pool house with an overhead pergola planted with Wisteria and vines which will eventually cover the top creating a welcome shaded patio, ideal for enjoying a hot summer’s afternoon.

With the addition of some patio furniture the effect is complete.